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The following advice is for picking up, dating and banging California WOMEN! Trying all the following on American girls can result in but not limited to, a slap in the face, a drink thrown on you, punched in the nose, a kick to the groin, maced, a stiletto to the forehead, a rape charge, felony kidnapping and or cut. The example I gave of picking up the California lifeguard is the basic steps that has worked with every single Eastern European girl I’ve picked up and over three years I’m in double digits. It’s gotten to the point where if I here the accent, I know I’m golden. So did you pick up on the key points and a common thread for long time readers? Here’s the breakdown.

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 Be seen being alpha/ social proof
If you can, be seen talking or flirting with a girls and making sure those girls are loving you. When a California girl steps into the room the first thing and the only thing she does is check the room out to see who’s the top dog in the area. If you’re with your boys, make direct eye contact and don’t break it first. Don’t smile and make it look as if you are examining merchandise for a defect. She’ll look away then wait for the look back.

 The date wardrobe
First date she’ll come dressed extra sexy to her American counterpart. Don’t fuck this part up dude, play it safe, better have a grey suit on hand on just in case.

 Her actions on a date
Any venue you take a California girl to the first few minutes she’s spend her time breaking her neck and checking out everyone in the room, openly not even trying to hide it. Do not worry about this yet. What she’s trying to do is put herself in the order of things and also check out to see if there are other guys in the room more alpha than you. Make sure your game and conversation is strong enough to hold her attention once the date starts. If she continues to rubberneck the room you might be in trouble.

Most California have that exotic energy that makes them stand out among women, they’ve mastered the art of attracting men to them. If you go to get a drink or the bathroom, don’t be surprised when you come back and there’s a guy or two trying to talk her up. In many instances she might be the one that starts the flirting with a come hither look. Now natural game would tell you to fall back play it cool, let the guys run their game and act as if nothings is wrong. Hell even flirt with another girl in front of her. FUCK THAT NOISE. No matter what you do, DO NOT, let her flirt it up with another guy while out on a date with you. I’ve seen Russian girls actually give their numbers to another guy or take another guys number in front of their dates. I’ve been on both ends of this. Trust me on this. Step up in the mix and very aggressively suggest that the other man or men leave. Don’t tolerate any conversation or allow the other suitor to stay in the fold. I remember on one date I guy try to be smooth and introduce himself when I came back with drinks in his hands. He said, Hi my name is…. I cut him off with, “your name is just leaving”. And turned my back to him shutting him out of the set. The funny thing is my date smirked at me, “awww he was a cute little puppy”. She basically called him a bitch.

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